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DJI Om4 Mobile Gimbal

DJI Om4 Mobile Gimbal
Image Source: DJI Official

DJI Om4 Mobile Gimbal Summary

The Company announced DJI OM4 Mobile Gimbal as the next variant for the video stabilizer series. If Are you looking for a gimbal? Than DJI OM4 is a perfect choice. It makes your photo/video content more creative and more impactful with a unique design. DJI Mobile Has features like ActiveTrack 3.0, gesture control, Digital, dynamic, Dolly Zoom, etc. Active Track 3.0 follow your subject and make a more stable video. Gesture control makes it easy to control. DJI OM 4 has three different axis for a video where you shoot: side to side, forward-backward, and right-left. If you are i-phone users, then you will love this product. DJI Mimo app is used to mount this gimbal with your smartphone.

Video Source: DJI Official

Gimbal Om4 Price and Launch

The DJI OM 4 is a very inexpensive affordable price tag of Rs. 9600 and expected date to be launch in India, October 2020.

DJI Om4 Detail Specification

Design: DJI OM 4 Comes with a new magnetic Quick Release Design. It carries A Magnetic phone clamp and ring holder within the box. Both enable effortless capturing. The magnetic phone clamp is very thin and ultralight, which keeping your smartphone secure while in use. On the other hand, magnetic ring holders use to attach your smartphone to DJI OM 4 and hold your phone safely.

DJI om4 mobile gimbal

Wireless: DJI OM4 comes with v5.0, a low power consumption Bluetooth, which helps to work more without losing any connection.

Dimensions: DJI Gimbal is easy to carry because of its folded dimensions with 163×99.5×46.5 mm and unfolded 276×119.6×103.6 mm dimensions.

Weight: DJI OM4 Mobile Gimbal will not disappoint you with its weight. Om4 Comes with shallow weight technology. Its weights are 390g, with a magnetic phone clamp of 32.6g, and a magnetic ring holder of 11.4g. DJI OM has the phone weight compatibility up to 230±60g.

Battery: DJI OSMO Mobile Comes with a Lithium-ion Battery with a 2450mAh capacity for backup and more performance. The battery works up to 15 hours. It takes 2.5 hours to completely charge with a 10W charger, using the Type-C port. It has a USB-A type for external device charging.

Gimbal: DJI Smartphone gimbal comes with 120 °/s max control speed. It has a mechanical range of pan: 161.2° to 171.95°, As a Roll: 136.7° to 198°, and Tilt: 106.54° to 235.5°. If we talk about battery consumption, Under Ideal conditions with the gimbal full balanced, it consumes 1.2 w only


  • Very Affordable Price
  • Long Battery Life
  • Magnetic Clamp
  • Useable as Tripod


  • No-Removable Battery
  • Not Use-able for All Phones


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