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Kia Sonet Price and Launch date in India

Kia motor has uncovered Kia sonet will be an entry in the world with highly competitive 4 Meter Segment. Sonet Compete with many cars and upcoming Cruiser. This car will be its global debut, which means now it is available in every country. It would be its third offering in India.

It will give you the best combination of design and engine. This car has features that every car rider wants in his car. Its expected price is rupees 7 lakhs, which means the middle family can also buy it without loans. It expected that Kia Sonet out for sale in late Oct.

Best feature in Sonet which makes it more fantastic car:

Touchscreen: The 10.25 inches touchscreen is the most massive provided by Sonet. It is like Kia Seltos and gives you feature like navigation, USB, AUX Connectivity, trip data, etc.

Ventilated Seats: They ventilate the inside of this car, so there is no issue for those who feel suffocated while traveling. They manufacture its front seats in a way that cold air passes from it.

Air filter: It is the first car that comes with a PM2.5 air purifier, which prevents it from the virus from coming in.

GT Line: Sonet also provides a GT line appearance package, which gives you petrol and diesel options. Get a line to offer you with 16-inch alloy wheels inside, it will provide you with an all-black look and red pinstripe along the sides.

Bose Audio with Mood Lighting: Thus bose system uses six speakers and one subwoofer. There are also mood lighting options.

Diesel-Automatic Option: It is the first car providing this option to his customers. There are three engines and five gearboxes to choose from. It also has 1.0-liter turbo petrol and a 1.2-liter n/a petrol motor. There will be five and six speeds: Manual and seven-speed DCT and iMT clutchless manual gearbox to pick from.

Traction and Drive Modes: They provide Traction modes to alter engine, gearbox, and control ABS and traction control for areas having snow, mud, etc.

Safety Features: It also has safety measures like six airbags to choose from whenever you find any difficulty. It also has TPMS and front parking sensors.

Advance Colour Instrument Cluster: It provides you the 10.67 Cm advance color instrument cluster which separates it from the other cars.

Electric Sunroof: Electric sunroof is provided by Kia Sonet so you can enjoy the outside atmosphere.

Other than this, Kia Sonet also provides you with led lighting, which makes it best to use.


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