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FOCI- Wearable for boost your focus

FOCI- The focus booster device(review)
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Don’t you think that we all should have a device that helps us to concentrate, stay still, and focus? So, here we have come up with a review of the FOCI device, which wants us to stay still and focus. It’s the latest from UK-based Tiny logics. It’s not just about tracking the body but training the mind for a world soon to be dominated by AI.

Whats in the box

It comes in a perfect manner. You will get a tiny, suitable device with a clip to attach to your trousers/pants, which you can keep it with ease. Also, it comes with a USB cable. Usually, I charge it with a USB cable until it shows up with a light in lilac colour.

How to use

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According to the instructions, had to download the smartphone app (FOCI) and fill ed in the biometric data (height, weight, gender). And done with installing. Then, paired it with my phone via Bluetooth to start measuring my breathing style/levels. The process was simple, which is not always the case with wearable’s that intersect with apps.

How it works

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This FOCI device not only helps us to stay still and focused but also calculates the breathing pattern. I could see how breathing deeply and focusing on my work changed the bubble on the app from calm (blue) to focus (yellow), aka the desired state. It changed to a non-descript grey for distracted moments. The moment when it shows blue in colour, then it indicates the calm body. If it shows red, then indicates stress. And if you don’t know about the circle and its colour changing attitude, then you need to press and hold on for few seconds, and it will bring you to the “what is it” option or review.

The focus feature

Where it will tell you about the feature. There’s an option as well of focus feature which helps me to focus also same goes for relaxation feedback. Apart from this, it tells the percentage as well. Further, if one wants to know about the changes and want to comparison among days, you can see the graph. In case, you want to know about the device, then you can go through the device details. If you want yourself to stay focused and can’t have the focus. Then you may take help from “Boost focus” option, which helps to increase the focus.


According to my perspective, this device is the best when you’re working or sitting on the desk. The amazing part is once you charge up this device, its battery lasts up to 7 days (depends upon the usage). This is the best device especially for students who want to keep their mind focused and concentrated while studying and sitting. It can improve your productivity, work and mind by providing more focus. It’s the best for those who get easily distracted with thinking about the future or daydreaming. Give it a try, you won’t get disappointed.

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