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Robomaster S1

Robomaster S1
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Robomaster S1 Overview

In Today World, every Parent wants to make their child more active and genius. For that DJI Launch, the new Robomaster S1. It helps your child interested in new technology and coding.

The S1 Robo welcomes you to the world of programming and robotics with AI Technology. Robo helps to learn while playing with it in a different mode. You can perform any task by putting a simple bunch of python code in it. RoboMaster app helps you, to access python code from your mobile device, tablets.

Robo s1 helps your child to learn more about technology, coding, physics, and many more. Robomaster has quick response technology based on physical appearance. Example: response on clap, gesture response.

Detail Specification of DJI Robomaster

The design of DJI Robo S1: Robomaster is designed for creators. To build the Robomaster, you have to start from the basics. You have to build a Robot with your hands from a single screw to a single wire. With this, your child can get every available experience in learning.

Performance of Romomaster: Robomaster S1 has a powerful CPU. It helps to control the power functions of AI computing and Programming Development. The Blaster got more features like at the time of the fire. It emits the light with the excellence of sound effects, so you experience better. Its Blaster has the power to rotate on every angle, As a result Robo accurately aims its target.
Robomaster S1 Mecanum wheels have 12 rollers in each. It allows Robo to move in omnidirectional. Besides this Robo has a powerful high-performance motor to move and run fast. Robomaster S1 has intelligent sensing armor. Which helps to senses an enemy’s hits or any actions.

Programming: Robomaster S1 works on Python Programming language. It helps you to enjoy learning while writing the code at the same time. The Robot comes with an AI-based camera, which helps to see you every scene with the Robomaster eye. You can perform any task like aim on any Person, aim at any object, or making any line path to race.

Customizable: Robomaster S1 is available to customize up to 46 types of parts. which helps to work according to your creativity, and it has no boundaries of creation.

Battery: Robomaster S1 has 2400mAh of battery. which allows Robo to run 35 minutes non-stop. on standby mode, the S1 battery delivers you up to 100 minutes.

Robomaster Price and Availablity in India.

Robomaster S1 has got a price tag of Rs.49,590. About Its availability Yes, it is available to purchase in India.

Key Feature of Robo S1

  • Robo s1 helps to learn programming concepts
  • It enables the world to expand technical knowledge
  • Robomaster supports scratch 3.0 and python.
  • It supports 6 audio/visual recognition functions.
  • Robo helps in the fields of project-based courses and video tutorials.
  • It can move in the 4WD omnidirectional movement.


  • Helps to learn easily
  • Give new direction to your creativity.
  • Easy to work with it’s Application.
  • Create the more interest in AI and Technology.
  • No barriers for creativity and customization.


  • Low Battery Backup.
  • Too much Expensive.