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The Spot Robot

Spot Robot
Image Source: Boston Dynamics

SPOT, The Robot base on the computer vision and artificial programming Design by Boston Dynamics

The Spot Robot Summary

The Spot Robot is a compact, four-legged robot design like a Dog. It can trot around your office, home, or outdoors.

The Spot Comes with Perception sensors, including stereo cameras. With this, robots can map their environment and easily navigate themselves in any direction. It has a 3D vision system with SLAM to Sense obstacles and avoids them ease.

The Spot Robot has Position/Force sensors in limbs to climb stairs and survive the rough terrain more manageable. It can lift 14KG of weight with the power of limbs.

Robot Spot is equipped with IP5 Water-Resistant Technology so it can survive the rain. It also has 2 Payload Ports, Crash Protection, Dynamic Reaction. Besides this, it can Self-Right After Falls and can Operates in -20C to 45C.

SPOT can collect any 2D and 3D details with on-board sensors. According to is creator Boston Dynamics, this Spot Robot can go anywhere where other robots can’t go. It decreases the work pressure by reducing your work time with 20 hours per week by capturing the nearby 5,000 images and collecting the data for more customization.

Key Features of Spot

  • Mobility:- Spot’s Legs are so strong and capable of navigating the stairs and rough terrains with ease. SPOT can run with a speed of 1.6m/s with a step height of 30 cm up to the slope of 30°.
  • Perceptive:- SPOT has built-in stereo cameras that provide depth information in 3D to design all around to map its surroundings and avoid obstacles. You can Control the video Stream through the Tablet OR Over the API.
  • Autonomous:- SPOT navigate and can easily avoid the obstacles using real-time mapping. It has an average run time of 90 min with swappable batteries so you can enjoy for 90 min non-stop.
  • Customizable:- SPOT is a customizable Robot so you can add your hardware and development kits. You can count on any high-resolution camera to get more high-quality images. You can add any third party modes on this Robot dog-like SPOT core, Spot Cam, Spot Arm, Spot GXP.
  • Robot Core:- For better navigation, you can add a LIDAR in this for more accuracy by changing its environment from the depth.
  • Camera:- For better performance and more high-resolution, Boston Dynamics tries to add on the spot camera for more color feed with an optional PIZ camera.
  • Spot Arms:- The spot arm is designed to open the cabinet and doors, so your Robot can easily open the doors and hold the things.
  • Robot GXP:- Spot GXP is designed to make Ethernet more powerful, and it Smoothes the connections of third party resources and hardware.

SPOT also tested in industrial are and even on the dancing stage to get more results. It holds the track record as the more responsive robot dog.

Price and Availability of SPOT ROBOT

The SPOT is available at the cost of $75000, you can order on the Boston Dynamics official site.


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